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*If you are interested in requesting a commissioned bronze sculpture from Richard,   please contact our Stravitz Gallery on Laskin at 757-305-9411.


          October 2015 - Drishti Yoga Festival               

Yoga Sculptures:

1) Crescent

2) King of the Dance

3) Chest Expansion

4) Lord of the Fishes

5) Lotus

Though not an official sculpture commission,Richard Stravitz was inspired by a friend's suggestion that he should complete a series of yoga sculptures. From there, Stravitz found a way to celebrate the art of sculpture and yoga by connecting with the          Virginia Drishti Festival.

 These yoga sculptures depict three yoga poses and were modeled after a local Virginia Beach yoga instructor and Drishti Festival organizer who posed for Stravitz in March of 2015.

 The five yoga sculptures are still undergoing the formation of the clay model, a process that has taken around four months for these works. They will be bronze-casted in late August and will be ready by the Drishti Festival in October of 2015. 

A few pictures from Start to Finish....

Richard uses the Lost Wax Process
                                                                                                From Inspiration to Sculpture
Focusing on every detail...
Care and Concentration
Remaining Focused
Details Point to Dedication.

"Suplay" October 2015

An intense wrestling sculpture, Suplay, was a private commission requested of Richard Stravitz in early 2015. The sculpture is currently at the foundry where it is undergoing its bronze casting. It will be complete in October of 2015.

 "Suplay," a term originally known as "suplex," is a wrestling move where the offensive wrestler lifts his opponent and bridges to throw his opponent's body onto the mat.

 Stravitz's sculpture captures the intensity and emotion of this on-the-edge-of-your-seat moment between these two wrestlers, who are forever caught in the midst of the match's deciding moment.

A few pictures from start to finish:

The finished product...



"Good Game"  Kempsville Pony League

Richard Stravitz was commissioned by the Kempsville Pony League to commemorate the hundreds of baseball games played at Kemps Landing State Park since the league's establishment back in 1959.

 The Good Game bronze sculpture holds his hand up in a high-five, a constant and friendly reminderof the sportsmanship lessons and friendships established at the Kemps Landing State Park.

 Richard's finished commission was dedicated on April 18th and celebrated in a ceremony revealing the sculpture. More about the Good Game commission can be read on the Virginian Pilot's piece "Good Game" marks the spot for Virginia Beach players.


"Good Game" Finished in Clay...

"Good Game" Finished in Bronze...


"Big Blue" - Old Dominion University

Richard Stravitz was approached by Old Dominion University students with a special - and rather large request - to create a 7-foot bronze replica of the university's mascot,   Big Blue. 

 Big Blue was a  very different kind of commission for Richard. Known for his perfectionism in depicting the details of the human body in sculpture, he says that doing this part-lion, part-cartoon, part-human piece was challenging - and extremely fun. 

 Old Dominion University students rub the belly of big blue at the beginning of their ODU career and at their graduation day. If you're an Old Dominion University student, take a photo with Big Blue and be sure to tag it with #BigBronzeBigBlue to give Richard a shoutout!

Finished in Clay...

Finished in Bronze...

"Anticipation" - The City of Virginia Beach

Anticipation was commissioned to honor Josh Thompson, a Virginia Beach local who grew up surfing the Oceanfront's waves. After Josh was diagnosed with ALS, (also known as Lou Gerhig's Disease) his family recognized that reaching the beach was now a challenge for him because of his wheelchair.

 Thus, the inspiration for JT's Grommet Island was born, the first completely wheelchair compatible playground of its kind for children and adults. The playground is truly a place for "everyBODY." 

 The Anticipation sculpture depicts two young surfers - or "grommets" - who face the waves together, the younger boy listening to the older boy, who is mentoring him about the challenges of life that lay ahead and how to overcome them.


Other Commission Pieces...

Coach Bilderback, United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD, 2008
President John Tyler, College of William & Mary, 2003
Governor John Tyler, College of William & Mary, 2003
Lyon Gardiner Tyler, College of William & Mary, 2003
James Farmer, Mary Washington College, 2001