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Yogas featured in American Art Collector

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I thought I'd share with you the latest publication in American Art Collector Magazine on talented sculptor, Richard Stravitz.  

Richard's thoughts on his yoga pose sculptures:  These beautiful bronze sculptures were inspired by the beauty of the body’s natural design as it moves through several yoga poses.  Each evokes the calming spirit which celebrates the meeting of the body and mind.  The artist wished to portray a feeling of serenity, using a monochromatic color palette.  A variety of patinas are available.

Article Write-up on Stravitz:

       For 9 years Stravitz has been working tirelessly to put Virginia Beach on the fine art world map.  With more than 10,000 square feet of gallery space, it now houses a stellar collection of museum quality artwork.  Visitors say it is a reprieve from a fast-paced world where they can marvel at the symbolism and beauty of museum-quality artwork.  Collectors from around the world come for the opportunity to own paintings by such luminaries as Victor Nizovtsev, Denis Ribas, Chuck Larivey, Charles Kello, Kenneth Bain, Thomas McLauchlin and Robert Burnell.  They also come to meet famed sculptor, Richard Stravitz, and to commission their own unique bronze sculpture.

        Stravitz creates in his studio within the gallery on Laskin Road.  Most weekday afternoons the public can watch while he sculpts.  Stravitz uses the 3,000 year old lost wax process.  His distinctive artistic voice has an ocean-wide range.  From his famous sports figures to historical busts that transport us in time to dancers that thrill us, Stravitz captures the dynamic tension that gives each sculpture a pulse.  In addition to Richard’s bronze sculpture art, gallery director and fine art consultant Jan DiGiovanni’s amazing eye for original fine art has brought both Stravitz Galleries to life.  She has been in the fine art business for almost 50 years.  Jan and her staff here at Stravitz are continually discovering new artists and showcasing their pieces.

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